OPW® Kamlok® Dust Cap 634B-SS20

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OPW® Kamlok® Dust Cap 634B-SS20

  • 2″
  • Long-Life Reliability – Specially designed and
    manufactured with 316 stainless steel and gasket materials
    to endure the harshest environments.
    • Added Protection – Exclusive features, such as Twin-Kam™
    arms with special detent to secure arms in position to help
    prevent accidental uncoupling.
    • Ease-of-Use – Cam and groove design means smooth coupling
    and uncoupling while the patented Spring-Ring™ feature
    ensures that the finger rings do not get trapped under the
    coupling arms.
    • Best Value – Built to the highest quality standards with
    special ease-of-use design features at the price point of other
    standard cam and groove couplers makes OPW Kamloks® the
    best overall value in the industry.
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