Cejn® Blow Gun 11-208-3150

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Cejn® Blow Gun 11-208-3150

  • 90 mm tube with star tip
  • Fixed Tube
  • 1/4″ NPT
  • Sound Level: 79 dB
  • Flow Cap 1901/min (6.7 CFM)
  • Max Working Pressure 16 Bar (232 PSI )

– High Blowing Force

– Easily Regulated Infinite Flow

– Ergonomic Comfortable Controls

– Handles Air and Non Explosive Fluids

Technical data
Min. burst pressure: 64 bar (928 PSI)
Material blowgun: POM (body), brass (valve, tube)
Media: Air and non-explosive water based liquids
Temperature range: -20°C — +60°C (-4°F — +140°F)

Flow capacity is measured at 6 bar (87 PSI) inlet pressure, and pressure drop at 0.5 bar (7 PSI).


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